Welcome to our new and improved website, if you’re interested in horse racing you have come to the right place, we have 4 horses in training at present but that number will double in the next few months as we look to improve the quality of horses on our portfolio.  these new horses will be available for share or lease up to a MAXIMUM of 5 shareholders, we cater for the working class person who has always wanted to own a racehorse but thought it was only a dream.
You will receive all the ownership benefits from start to finish with NO CAPITAL OUTLAY* We take care of everything from the time you have shares with us, so you won’t have any hidden extras, You will experience a real sense of fun and we treat all our members equal however much you own, an ear or a tail you are the owners and that’s what makes us different.
We would like you to give 30 days notice should you no longer wish to continue with your agreement or if indeed you’re no longer able to afford your commitment for any other reason. You will be given a copy of our T&C’s upon joining and that will outline everything you need to know this is a standard Racehorse partnership agreement between both you and Dallas Racing.

“The difference between success and failure can often be whether we keep going and don’t give up before we succeed.”

Dallas Racing bringing real racehorse ownership to all kinds of people!
partnerships are limited to 5 people per horse for a true individual experience!

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